Monday, 07 May 2018 15:35

Try our fragrant coffee!

It is a drink that has not lost its primordial magic and uniqueness in the turbulent stream of centuries. At all times, humanity has tried to improve the taste of coffee, but the Illy family made it perfect. Francesco Illy wrote his own page into the history of coffee, discovering new unexplored possibilities of the ancient drink.

Illy is a world-famous brand, which gets only positive reviews from coffee lovers. This is not surprisingly, because this big name belongs to the famous Italian brand of coffee, created in 1933. No matter how well you recognize coffee grades, everyone will be able to appreciate this brand.

In this drink, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: the quality of the product, the way it is served, and the wide range. To evaluate it and leave Illy reviews containing your own opinion, you only have to taste it.

Come to the restaurant Odessa and try this unique coffee, prepared with the ultramodern Astoria Storm coffee machine, which is guaranteed not to leave you indifferent.

Here are just some customer testimonials:

"Coffee is like perfume, it may be cheap and poisonous, and but it may be a delicate taste, emerging sequentially in three-phase, evolving with time in different ways ... so Illy opened for me a slight aroma of prunes ..."

"I don’t know how to delicately describe the aroma and taste of coffee, however, I can say definitely: it is soft and sensual. For me, it's important that there is no acid in the coffee, bitterness, salty taste and all sorts of dirty tricks. This coffee – and in general, all Illy – does not sin. It is drunk gently, from what it seems that you can drink, drink and drink it ... "

"This coffee positions itself as 100% Arabica from 9 varieties of coffee of the highest quality. The aroma is full, some kind of sweet, fruity ... A thick, enveloping, rich taste, like a dessert you drink. Fruit-berry aftertaste remains in the mouth for a long time; it's just a fairy tale! I recommend it to similar coffeeholic as I am. "